Right From The Pen...


On Wednesday 6th March 2019 Blackpool had a Royal visit Prince William & Kate Middleton.

The arriving at The Blackpool Tower at 12.15 couple joined a round table briefing about Blackpool’s recent history, the challenges, and the investment and regeneration efforts that are underway.

They then took part in a walkabout on the promenade, greeting well-wishers, before heading to Blackpool Central Library. While Kate continued her work on early childhood and joined people involved in Blackpool’s ‘A Better Start programme, William met those affected by problems around mental health, including issues such as homelessness and addiction. Their final engagement of the day took Revoe Park, a recently revamped community garden and park that had been well a location for drug use.

I decided to take my place with the well-wishers on the promenade and all the paparazzi, which was a good learning curve as they love ladders (lol) and all of them know who owns what ladder. Anyway I took my place ans awaited the big arrival, was not a massive crowd I would say around five or six hundred braved the rain armed with smartphone and all sort of device to grab a snap.

Special guest parents really excited as their children where presenting Kate flowers & Prince William model of Blackpool Tower very sweet, I am sure those children or parents will remember that for a long time to come.

After the couples round table meeting the doors opened at the Tower and out they came for the walk-round, I snapped a could of images at the door but for me the best thing was as they came towards the crowds Kate looked up right at my camera lens with a lovely smile. Thank you Kate !


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