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Photographer Lytham St Anne’s – World on Fire film set.

“World On Fire is a heart-stopping, multi-stranded drama telling the story of World War Two through the lives of ordinary people from all sides of this global conflict. The first series of seven episodes tells the story of the first year of the war, starting with the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 and ending with the Battle of Britain. The drama will be produced by Mammoth Screen.”

Lots of fuss around St Anne’s beach front, filming, Sean Bean so I thought this was a great opportunity for some great photography.

Sadly when I went down they where all in the sand dunes with lots of security, but the set was set-out on the beach so off I went and got some fantastic images. I decided to keep the images in the era b&w, even if I do say so myself they look quite fitting.

I could have filled this post with the images taken on my short visit to the set, it was great to see the BBC picked St Anne’s beach as a location.
I know that hundreds and hundreds of the public visited from all over the country to snap a shot or two of the set, cant wait till we see the finished product of #worldonfire  on the BBC.


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